Fire on Ice

I still know not why you came back after such a great fight
You left, hitting my shoulders..
Those stairs, those empty stairs
When you were gone, it started weeping out
Made me deep down inside, I felt lost.. and lost.
Cried, tear less, crazy, ’cause you are gone..
The start and the end, still it’s a mystery, how it happened?

But why were you waiting for me down the stairway
you stared at me like you know me well
Why you looked at me like you caught my tears..
Do you know, that was when I fell for you
Do you know, I lost my heart there and I got blind and it was you all I could see…
Just you
Couldn’t help but feel it hard, the heavy heart.. It froze like ice.
My moon and my star, my world is you..
Every single time I look at you, your eyes, those shining eyes makes me on fire
Fire on ice.. It hit me hard.


You Will Never Know

Still confused
What was it?
If it was our age
It should’ve faded by now
But still, it’s there.

Will you ever know,
I keep dreaming you
Almost everyday..

Every single night.

You’ll never know!
Sure, not a single thing.

I keep dreaming you
I keep missing you
I just miss you loads..


The Full Moon In The Midnight

Breeze hugs those curtains
Makes cool touch inside
Takes my soul into him-

My heart pains with his thoughts
Those eyes make me freeze
Those hands design a dance
Those legs lead me to a wonderland

I’m in a world where no one lives
Only me and my dear moon.


Bottle it (up)

I’ll run today..
Because the pain of today
Can make me deep down inside.
It can even break my bottles and
shed my blood and make me guilty.
Should I just cry out
or just bottle it up
I’m just sad,
But don’t want to cry
If I cry today
I won’t be able forget
Oh! I can’t make me weak,
Please don’t tell me to cry,
I can’t break today
This day is something for me.
Oh, this so sad I can’t,
I’m just getting harder
It’s okay i’m used to it
I’ll bottle it up


You in Me

Tears look beautiful
Heart feels heavier
Can’t move a little bit
Why it’s painful

Where i’m up-to now
It’s just some rain and mist
Can’t make a single step
Why it’s fearful

As I doubt my feet
You’re there the same way
All I see is you
Should I come to you

No, let me go my way
Do what I have to do
Reach as far as I can
Let me go not facing you

Once you, my only dream
Now I barely dream
Once I kept thinking
The way you used to smile
But now I rarely do

This walk I’ll do alone
Even if I struggle some
I won’t look at you
Worry not, I know me now.